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Gemini3 0.38-r4

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Gemini3 0.38-r4 Empty Gemini3 0.38-r4

Mesaj tarafından Admin Salı Ara. 20, 2011 7:59 pm

Gemini3 0.38-r4

We recommend a current release or ICVS image.
Who should use a different image in case of problems please contact the relevant people.
Most functions can be found in the Gemini Wiki.
Gemini Wiki
How do you get the Gemini3 on his box is here.

Function Buttons:
* Gemini Blue blue panel plugin
* The remaining buttons can be freely assigned with our Quick button function

* The Gemini can MoviePlayer several films are played one after the other (either automatically or manually).
* Translations for integrating PDF reader and minor changes in the file browser to the reader.

Fixes and updates:
* 2 minor internal
* Update Polish language, THX @ kosmacz
* Update Dutch, THX @ Bschaar

* Is not compiled with Python 2.6.4, so the "plugin" will continue in the "stable image" is running.

Respect for Skinner:
* None

* Addon and Plugin Server
* Cryptinfos the transmitter (assuming GeminiPlugin capable Skin)
* Manager to manage many daemons / server (BP-> daemon)
* Visual improvements such as HD-skin, additional icons (GeminiPlugin capable skins can be recharged via the BP.)
* Manager for formatting, setting up or mount devices (BP-> Device Manager)
* Own apps for example Dreamnetcast, eTorrent, NFS server, just to name a few
* Detailed information about your Dreambox (BP-> Information)
* EPG search (BP -> Extensions -> EPG search)
* File Manager, which many formats, regardless of whether images, footage, torrent, scripts or DVDs (BP-> File Manager)

If the Gemini3 been updated, please always start new Enigma.
Who installed the NFS plugin or GeminiTools / updated, please start the box again.

It is recommended Picon, outsource EPG-Cache-Cache and the Gemini on a medium and not to leave it in Flash.

Users with the 7025 the G3 please choose the easy installation wizard, otherwise memory is scarce.
In the 7025 FlasExpander should be used.

This plugin does not contain any keys or softcams.
Backups or other modified Images are not
and we will not be supported!

Download Installation Wizard can be found HERE
Update from old versions of software management

Thank you and have fun
Your Gemini-Team

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